Would you like to Mastermind your Podcast?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you’re in the right place.

Mic Do you have specialized knowledge that you want to share with an audience via your podcast but are fuzzy on your vision and purpose?

Mic Do you occasionally hit a wall when a problem arises with your podcast but don’t have a sounding board to help you come up with solutions?

Mic Have you ever wanted to join a Mastermind group but haven’t been able to find a group that’s accepting new members or a group just for podcasters?

Welcome to Podcast Mastermind

What is Podcast Mastermind?  It’s an exclusive Mastermind Group for Podcasters. Join other highly motivated podcasters with a desire for accountability, support and a structure for achieving their goals. Each member will share ideas, road blocks, inspirations, wins, and challenges. You’ll receive feedback, ideas, and solutions from group members. Most of all, they’ll keep you accountable to the tasks and plans that you commit to in order for your podcast and business to grow and thrive.

Applications are now being accepted for new

Podcast Mastermind Groups Starting in July 2017



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