Mic What is getting in the way of you creating a thriving, successful podcast?

Mic What do you need from a mastermind group to help you reach your full potential?

MicWhat will you do to move toward your goals and get out of your comfort zone?


Should you join?

Join a Podcast Mastermind if you are:

MicOpen to changing your business/podcast and yourself

MicDetermined to achieve your goals and invest in your future success

MicWilling to share your knowledge and expertise

MicHave a positive attitude and a sense of humor

MicCommitted to take action for your personal & professional growth


I designed this mastermind group specifically for podcasters because I know

from personal experience all of the challenges a podcaster encounters.



Mic Questionnaire: Your answers will help me evaluate your expectations & desire for growth

Mic  Get to know you Call: After your application has been received, I’ll set up a “Get to know you call” to explore your motivation for joining a mastermind group, and how you hope to contribute and benefit

Mic Your Podcasting Experience: Each group is comprised of various levels of experienceSave