I’ve compiled this page of resources for you. Most of these resources are tools that I use for my podcast and website. They help give my business a competitive edge and that’s why I highly recommend them.

As full disclosure, I may earn a commission if you buy products or use services from these affiliate links, but that does not increase the cost of the product or service. Thank you for using my links.

My Recommendations

I recently moved my website to eHost and I’ve thrilled with it. The cPanel response is great and compared with my previous hosting company’s customer service and support, they’re superior. If you’re looking for a place to host your new website or to move your existing site, please look into eHost. They’re awesome.

For microphones, the ATR 2100 is my “go to” mic. The quality is so great I have two of them. With my Zoom 5 recorder, I can detach the top mics and attach my two ATR 2100s to help finesse the sound. For example, if I have a troubling “P” popper, and you know who you are, my guest can hold the ATR 2100 a little to the right or left of their mouth. That eliminates the popping Ps and still captures excellent sound quality.

My headphone recommendation is anything Bose. Have you ever listened with Bose headphones? If not, you’re truly missing out on awesome sound quality. These are the headphones I use for both my studio and mobile recording. They are very lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. I wouldn’t listen with anything else.

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