So what exactly is brainstorming? It’s a way to come up with ideas. Ideas for what? Just about anything that needs a solution. How many techniques are there for brainstorming? How many grains of sand are there at a beach? No seriously, there are a bunch of ways to brainstorm.

You can gather around a white board and do free association.  How about sitting around a table and have each person, in order, come up with an idea or pass to the next person. What about going to Happy Hour and writing down all of your ideas while you’re still able to write.

I’m not advocating drinking as a way to brainstorm. I just wanted to demonstrate that there are many ways to come together to share ideas. One of the best ways is through a mastermind group.

If you’ve never been a member of a mastermind group, it’s hard to describe how valuable the feedback can be and how beneficial it is for all parties involved. I know when I’m working on a project I love having a second set of eyes to double check any of my visual content, or an editor or sounding board for the more nebulous ideas that may not be fully formed yet. It’s a lot better to receive feedback letting you know that you’re going in the wrong direction than to spend, and possibly waste, a lot of time on an idea, product, or service that your support system thinks won’t fly. Mastermind groups will put each member on the hot seat to help them with their current dilemmas.

Brainstorming is easy to do no matter how you choose to do it. The diversity of ideas that flow from a brainstorming session are only limited by the imagination of the people you’re brainstorming with. And at the end of the session, regardless if you’ve gone off on a tangent or stuck to the original problem, you may find that you’ve not only solved your problem or at least come up with some viable solutions, but practiced teamwork and bonded as well.


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