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Mic Do you have specialized knowledge that you want to share with an audience via your podcast but are fuzzy on your vision and purpose?

Mic Do you occasionally hit a wall when a problem arises with your podcast but don’t have a sounding board to help you with creative solutions?

Mic Have you ever wanted to join a Mastermind group but haven’t been able to find a group that’s accepting new members or a group just for podcasters?

If you’re a podcaster who wants to take your podcast and your business to the next level, achieve your goals successfully, are ready to challenge the norm, and willing to work hard to make your dreams come true then –

Consider joining a Podcast Mastermind group

What is Podcast Mastermind?  It’s a unique mastermind organization for Podcasters. Join other highly motivated podcasters with a desire for support, accountability, and a structure for achieving their goals.

I’m not just passionate about mastermind groups, but everything else that goes with a comprehensive and rewarding mastermind experience. I strive to create an exceptional mastermind group to help you grow your podcast, your business, and your life. I do this through mastermind facilitation and giving you the tools you need for success. You’ll receive expert insight from other members of your group.

The only thing I like better than a great mastermind experience are great results. Think of your experience in a mastermind group as an ongoing relationship from the time you join, to when you achieve each of your podcasting goals — and all points in between.

I strive to provide the most creative, innovative, and rewarding experience in the mastermind and podcasting space.


Applications are now being accepted for new

Podcast Mastermind Groups Starting in September & October 2017

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The Application

We’ll explore your motivation for joining a podcast mastermind group with a questionnaire and “get to know you” call

The Details

Become a member of a supportive team working together to turn challenges into solutions through goal setting, accountability, and collaboration

The Membership

Get insight into how to improve podcasting, learn from other’s experiences and challenges, and build a brighter, more successful future